July 6, 2010

To California

This 4th of July weekend my boyfriend and I took a trip to California. Although our fair, cloud-protected Seattle skin would be soon shocked by California sunshine, we decided to pack our bags anyway. All the more reason. We stayed at a beautiful resort in San Jose, ate pulled pork and drank sangria (see above). This, followed by swimming outside under the stars with palm trees around you, is exactly how life should be. Exactly.

Feeling pampered and refreshed, we decided to venture up to San Francisco. We visited Alamo Park, the Painted Ladies (see above), the 'Full House' house, Baker Beach (unknowingly a nude beach), Haight Ashbury, and Fisherman's Wharf.

It wasn't all play in California, as we stopped in to check out major universities and corporations: Stanford University, UC-Berkeley (frozen yogurt there, see above), Yahoo!, Facebook, YouTube, Apple, Intel, Oracle, Adobe, Google. California has it all - beaches, bakeries, bikes, businesses, and blue skies. This fair skin hasn't seen the last of it.

1 comment:

Maddie said...

Seattle to San Jose? Sounds like an ambitious drive! But so worth it. (Except for the nude beach, maybe?)

I'm jealous you visited Haight Ashbury...I love me some '60s hippie culture. Don't get much of it on the East Coast, though. At least I can live vicariously! :)