September 3, 2009

Wide Open

After an 'egg on toast' hiatus for a while, I came back to a constant in my life - daily granola. It's one of those things you take comfort in knowing will be around no matter what, like your own pillow you lugged with you halfway across the country. I was going to ramble on today about the wonders of granola ....

but then my birthday had to happen. And so it set the bar way high for bliss. Granola soon became second-rate, thanks to a combination of the following:

-a sleepy, foggy drive to Long Beach, WA
-walking along the beach, watching people ride horses and flying kites, not at the same time of course
-driving on the beach (it's actually normal)
-hiking barefoot on a sandy trail at Leadbetter State Park
-a big ice cream cone
-road games
-taking pictures
-blowing leftover wedding bubbles found in my purse
-playing air hockey at the local arcade
-a visit to Oysterville, WA
-passing by Ocean Spray cranberry bogs
-road side pit-stop eating nectarines
-clam chowder and fried prawns
-post-trip tea at home, and listening to this music artist
and laying on the carpet out of utter exhaustion!

Granola could never top that day. Us West Coasters are so lucky to be so close to such a vast body of water, which I'm convinced does something to the spirit. The ocean's light growl is just as magical as its sight. And the sense of openness brings me back to the flat, wide open farmland of the Midwest. How lucky can a girl be?

Here's to a wide open 22nd year of life....