July 10, 2010

In With The New

You see these jeans down below? It's finally warm enough here where I can put them where they belong. Deep into the grooves of my closet. Besides for work, they are not to be taken out until September. Strict orders.

Since I'm out with the old, I guess it follows suit to be in with the new - so I've decided to jazz up some lemonade to celebrate summer. I don't use a specific ratio, as it's best to adjust to your liking and taste. Some may want a more boozy lemonade, some may want a more lemony lemonade. It's up to you. (Sorry for the measurers out there, it's just not my thing.)

Jazzy Lemonade
white wine
mint water*

Think of this as summer's everyday answer to the mimosa. It feels best right alongside a stack of magazines, (or in my case - a Kindle filled with magazine content), freshly painted toenails, and sunshine on your shoulders... you get the picture. So, raise a glass to summer!

*mint leaves steeped in a very small amount hot water, then chilled. I like to include this as it dilutes the insane sweetness of store-bought lemonades. If you make your own and adjust the sugar to your liking, this step isn't as necessary.


Maddie said...

You can wear jeans to work? I totally want your job! :)

...and I want this drink. I've got a pitcher of watermelon lemonade chilling in the fridge, and I love the idea of adding white wine and mint water. Stay cool in Seattle!

Sprout said...

Jeans - yes! It's Amazon :) I wore a skirt and dress pants for a while, but I just couldn't stand feeling out of place anymore. It's a very casual, yet hardworking, place!

Watermelon lemonade - ooh! Did you make this or buy it? If the latter - whereabouts?

kickpleat said...

I'm seriously jonesing for some white wine and I love the drink and its name. I want some of that :)