August 8, 2010


Now I've got that out of my system. After a previous weekend spent trapsing around the city with the parents (we had a great time!) and rolling into the airport at 5am to drop off the boyfriend for Italy and then again the next morning to escort the parents off to the motherland, I spent all day yesterday doing nothing but sleeping, listening to her, watching this, and taking a short visit to the hair salon. The photo above represents the stillness and sanity that has been restored in my little realm, minus the exertion I used to slide a Newman's Own pizza in the oven this afternoon for lunch and dinner.

Eventually, I even peeled myself off the bed to procure a hot fudge sunday and drive around for the evening -- you know, so I didn't feel like a complete waste. It was so good -- every lick, snooze, word, bite, sound. Exactly why weekends were created. I'm ready to go for another week or two. Also wanted to share the picture of orange juice as it's pizza's best friend in my world. Beer - no thanks.

There hasn't been much by way of fancy cooking here lately -- namely chopping up veg and tossing them with grains or pasta. My recent favorite is a toss of linguini, artichokes, tomato sauce, and goat cheese. Although my kitchen has been fairly quiet, I did have an exquisite dining experience with a great friend at Sitka and Spruce:

smoked mussels on a bed of marinated fennel and cucumbers // pan fried romano beans with roasted red peppers // rabbit with the teeniest mushrooms // sauteed summer squash with fresh slabs of goat cheese // grilled apricots with olive oil gelato and hazelnut chocolate // Basque galette with local berries
(There were 4 of us and the portion sizes were very modestly European -- no worries.)

Definitely one of my best Seattle dining experiences to date.

I'm sure it wont' be long once I'm back around here again -- didn't realize this Italy trip would be such a cog in my wheel. I miss the guy - especially since today is cleaning day and I'm out one extra set of helping hands. Have a great Sunday!


Maddie said...

Wow, Italy? I hope you're living vicariously. :)

But I like easy weekends almost as much as those spent traveling, when you're just absorbing books and music and copious amounts of Newman's Own pizza. Very underrated!

Sprout said...

I AM living vicariously, hence the pizza! I'd almost rather not know how much more delicious his pizza right now is though. Did you mention your Ted was in Eastern Europe for some time?

How was it for you when he was away? It's been a challenge for me!