August 17, 2010

The Places You'll Go

Upon the graduation of my high school's class of 2002, our beloved librarian (and my neighbor), Marilyn Nelson, read the class Dr. Seuss's classic "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" Boy was she right. At 15 years old, that exchange gave me a small thirst for the unknown. This thirst comes and goes, much like that for lemonnade, but this weekend it hit me strong. So, I traveled up to Sequim, WA, to visit cousins I recently discovered lived there.

I took the ferry to Kingston and snaked through the Upper Olympic Peninsula with my old car that just won't die. (Seriously, it went through the Rockies last summer with the majority of my belongings.)

I saw retired Hollywood donkeys. It's quite obvious they're past their prime.

We had a delicious dinner of swiss chard pie and artichoke, both vegetables from their garden. As you can see, they have an elevated patio which allows us to see the Buckhorn Mountains all around us. (See the right of the photo. That's them.)

We watched tennis matches, went for a hike to this spit near their house, had a picnic, saw eagles, strolled through lavender farms, had a long discussion after dinner until the meteor shower silenced us in awe, and I even got to sleep in an Airstream. No lie.

If I've learned anything in my tiny 22 (almost 23!) years it's this: The places you'll go is exciting, but it's the people you meet that's important. Thanks Dixie and Dave for the great weekend.


Maddie said...

Travel always injects a litle bit of magic into your day, but especially when you stumble upon something awe-inspiring like a meteor shower. The details of your weekend sound wonderful! Getaways, and the surprises they bring, make life worth living, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

We have visit these places together!

molly said...

Oh, hey there. Stumbled over here via some link or another, and thought I'd say hello. The mentions of Kirkland and Sequim caught my eye, the carrots and smoothies kept me reading. Sounds as though we've switched spots in the world. I do hope the Northwest is treating you kindly. The Midwest has been more than welcoming.


Sprout said...

Maddie, excited to hear about your recent getaway!

Molly - thanks for dropping a line. PNW could not. be. better. Your space is adorable, and I'll definitely be stopping by. The Midwest will always have a piece of my heart - a corn and pickup truck shape, that is :)