December 21, 2008


Today was full of surprises. I tip-toed around the duplex this morning in an attempt to make scones for the first time, trying not to wake-up my roommate whose goal was to sleep in until noon. Apparently, it sounded as though I was running about franticly. And maybe I unconsciously was because the scones did jazz me up a bit. Preparation went as expected, I kneaded the sticky dough 12 times as suggested.

But when it came time to take them out of the oven, (I've been so good about not peeking at things in the oven, not letting all the heat escape and throwing all the chemistry off) I was quite surprised. They were huge. GARGANTUAN if you will. Now, the recipe suggested cutting them in 8 or 12. I opted for 8 because when I want a scone I want a scone, not a piece of one. And boy did I get a scone.

I then visited my friend Mary to share a scone with and wrap Christmas presents. I arrived while she was on a last-minute Target-run so I waited in my car. Getting sick of staring at my gray interior, I stepped out with my camera. As much as I hate Minnesota winters, it was magical outside. Especially her house.

Her place is so simple, much like my favorite wine shop. I love how the snow settled on her front bushes, like stiffening hot caramel on an apple, or cheese on a florette of broccoli (a combo which I don't condone eating.) We had an equally beautiful time inside, sipping coffee (no Baileys this time), munching scones, wrapping presents, all while Ozzy Osborne and Jessica Simpson serenaded us with Christmas music, together. I'm not kidding.

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