December 23, 2008

the cup

I visited my aunt for brunch yesterday morning , where we finished off the last of my scones with a coat of Black Currant jam. This deliciousness was followed by potato soup for lunch, made with my excess farm CSA vegetables.

This aunt is my father's oldest sister. As a youngster, I remember thinking she was the coolest person because she was the first woman in my family I saw wear red lipstick. I always like visiting her because she tells me stories of my deceased grandparents and great grandparents, who she was very close to, and because of age, I was not. Stories about how my great grandma handmade pasta and hung them all over the bedroom to dry out. And about a set of coffee cups she inherited from grandma. This particular set used to be one of my grandmas favorites.

I faintly remember having coffee with gramp and gram with these petit mugs. Grandpa would always dip his cookies in the coffee (every morning at 10 am), leaving it in too long, and finding the dipped part gone after bringing it back up for air. Then he'd sip the drenched cookie settlings at the bottom of the cup. Doing all this, while watching re-runs of professional wrestling programs on tv. (WWF, anyone?) They were an interesting couple. What makes them even cooler was that they were Democrats living in a land where Conservatives were a dime-a-dozen.

So I want to share this soup and cup with you in hopes you find some memories of your grandparents or family members.

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