May 15, 2011

Yes (!)

Andrei proposed last Sunday, and I said yes. It really does call for an exclamation point, which is normally used judiciously around here. But I think we can make an exception this time, so let's try it again.

I said yes!

What else can I say except that I'm blissfully happy with the lot life has handed me. Especially since that lot currently involves rhubarb (and obvs the aforementioned engagement). Since an engagement can last half a year and rhubarb season a brief month, I made a tart from Florence Fabricant's New York Times Dessert Cookbook, which also contains wickedly good boozy cakes that have proven to be great conversation starters at office parties.

As is true with relationships, jobs, and even tarts--nothing happens overnight and the things that are really worth the effort certainly take more of it than we sometimes thought ourselves capable of. But then we find ourselves capable and are reminded of the strength in ourselves and others.


And Kathleen said...

Congrats!!! How exciting!

patrice said...

Wonderful! Many congratulations!

Maddie said...

I am so, so happy for you two, Melinda! And your joy absolutely radiates through your words and photos. All the best to you and Andrei as you begin your life together! :)

Anonymous said...

What fantastic news, CONGRATULATIONS!