November 5, 2009

One More Time

Most obviously, things have gotten a bit less food-centric around here. (That promise to Ty for a recipe two posts ago? It still remains unfulfilled.) My food obsession has been tamed by the need to soak in all that is to be discovered in this new city of mine. And so, cozy up for one more post about this city, and then we'll return to the kitchen. After all, the rainy season is upon us - where is there a better place to be? For now, let me gush about Seattle - one more time.

Clicking through the archive of one of my favorite food blogs (did I mention it's rainy season?), I came across a post titled 'Good, Better, Wonderful.' The post was a trio of the blog author's recent blog-worthy highlights. Since I know, for sure, that her chocolate cake turns out marvelously (I think the staff at Minnesota Monthly will also attest to that), I knew the post idea was sure to please. So onward we go: 'The Good, The Best, The Wonderful of Seattle'

1. The normalcy of online dating. Without the cultural support of it, I wouldn't have this Eastern European around, re-teaching me Russian, explaining the stock market, and dutifully forking in my culinary experiments. And I wouldn't be meeting him for lunch at Microsoft this afternoon. Seattlites know what they want, and they go for it. Had he not come along, the bleak job market and present rainy season would probably have seen me back to Minnesota after a one year post-graduation experimental 'trip' to Seattle. (So if you have doubts, go ahead, it's not weird!)

2. Pets and cars - two things I've noticed Seattlites take very seriously. Nowhere else have I seen 'Doggie Spas' on the corner of a street, or dogs with a larger variety of sweaters than me. Dogs have their own food stores and parks, and next thing you know they'll be able to vote! Concerning the cars, there's a very disproportionate amount of Subaru Foresters here. That said, the remaining vehicles fall under one of two categories: they're either of the a) rusty old Volvo - sort or the b) I just got promoted at Boeing or Microsoft -sort (think: red BMW convertible). But the rusty Volvo driver is just as passionate about his decision as the red BMW driver is. They don't take these things lightly.

3. Views at places like Kerry Park, where the pictures above were taken after a post-Sunday-roadtrip-to-Ikea-picnic that involved a turkey sandwich (amped up with strong mustard and fresh thyme), a neglected apple, leftover Halloween candy, and, his favorite -  nuts. (Who knew we'd have room despite all those Swedish Meatballs?) Kerry Park alone brings you the downtown Seattle skyline, Mt. Rainier, West Seattle, Elliot Bay, and Bainbridge Island. For me, it's like walking through the produce aisle at a (good) grocery store, where I find myself marveling at the various mounds of proud vegetables. They know they've got it.

So does Seattle.

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Lunatic said...

Nice blog Melinda...:-)
Am missing your wonderful pictures here though..