August 17, 2009

A Mixed Bag

Seattle, I'm back. And is it ever good to be here. My last day in Minnesota couldn't have been better, a full day of gossip, french fries, ice cream, and gin and tonics with the old college crew. But Seattle's thick coffee, walkers drunk on sunshine, crunchy granola, and fearless bikers were very easy to settle back in with.

A mixed bag of experiences have met me upon my return to Seattle. It was odd timing, taking a trip back home only after a month of having moved. I wasn't quite homesick enough to relish in my time there like I would have, had it been November. But re-settling into Seattle has involved numerous things:

-a broken bike that left me stranded downtown
-attaining my own insurance plan
-seeing the US's largest statue of Lenin
-the purchase of a new bike
-registering to vote
-attempting to get a WA drivers' license
-trying to convince myself that I like the Eastside
-perfecting a chicken salad recipe
-being reminded how funny the Coen Brothers are
-surviving crazed sale shoppers in a retail store
-feasting on GQ, Esquire, Vogue, Cosmo
-a last minute picnic with a friend
-falling asleep with open windows and the sound of rain
-finally finishing this book

The experiences abound, but the photos do not - I'm afraid. So I'll leave you with a snippet of what I'm listening to and I'll have a recipe for you in the next post. By then, hopefully, I'll have my act together and have wiped the dust off my camera.

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