May 13, 2009

Stepping up to bat

2 days until I'm thrown out into the 'real world.' It's about time. These past few weeks have been crazy, and I'm way overdue for an update around here. Right now I'm living out of bags, suitcases, and trunks. Not quite in Seattle, not completely in Minneapolis, I'm in limbo. And being in limbo is not conducive to making very good sense of things and writing a narrative worth reading, so I'm going to share a photo of my nephew Isaac, running to first base.

After stepping up to bat and completing my degree, I'm off and running. Much like Isaac in this picture. Things are crazy, and times are uncertain, but all we can do is go. And I have my nephew to thank for reminding me that its even ok to go ahead in mud boots. We are what we are.

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