December 19, 2008

create, generate, fabricate, build, construct, frame

Today I rediscovered the joy of creating. And it made me think of he joy God (or whatever you call yours) experiences everyday when it creates new people. All with their unique talents and passions.
Here's my day's work:

a brochure cover for the University

a mess

a photograph of a giraffe my friend Breanne got me while studying in Kenya, who lost hers, and made me think of how we don't notice how we take things for granted until someone loses something - like this woman's ability to smell

steamed rutabagas and mint butter

Tomorrow I think I'll create scones to bring to my aunt's house for breakfast Monday. And because I recently purchased a French coffee press who is dying to have a more European morning companion than a fried egg for the rest of the week. Perhaps these will do. Or these.

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