May 23, 2008

It's settled.

It almost happened again. I had to shower this morning because if I hadn’t that would have meant another 3 days would have gone by without one- volleyball got a little late last night. I especially wasn't going to walk back and forth in the dark to the cabin and the shower after Carl Lacher told me those horrifying statistics about coyotes eating humans.

After my usual morning nosh of yogurt and granola, it was back to working on the office. Today, Bob (the all-around office/electrical handyman) and Larisa (Featherstone’s bookkeeper) were helping out with setting the computers and internet up. After Bob fixed my wiring mistakes with the computers, we walked up to the cabin where he fixed my solar energy system. Everybody involved had a different prognosis and solution for the electricity problems I had been having, hence 3 plus nights living by candlelight. As things stand, I have electricity - but I'm not completely sold yet on this solar-powered system.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent cleaning CSA boxes with Justin and reorganizing the shop's packing area. It was a fairly mindless task, so it was a good time for Justin and I to get to know eachother. He shared some of the 'local wisdom' and some stories about his experience at the University. We pulled up Evan's truck that has a new satellite radio, twanged along to Justin's favorite country music tunes, and occassionally munched on Peach Rings from Fleet Farm as we cleaned.

But soon enough Justin left to help Jack load a refridgerator for me (and the other farm workers) at the farm; it is my primary source of refridgeration since I don't have one in the cabin. The Brothers even helped unload the fridge. So now I officially have everything I need at the farm: electricity, refridgeration, heat, and a bed.

Towards the end of the day I got supplies ready for the Winona Farmers' Market. It was strange to think about being on the other side of the table at a farmers' market. Featherstone isn't going to the market all summer, but just the first week to let the local community know that there are CSA shares open to residents of the Winona area. It's a great attempt to reach out to the local community and let there presence be known there.

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