May 18, 2008


I am about to get the last night's sleep in a building that I have lived in for three years. Tomorrow begins a new, pivotal chapter in my life as I am moving from Minneapolis to a farm. As I look out my window, I see the skyline of Minneapolis. Within 24 hours, I will look out my window and see a thicket of trees, and the glitter of the skyline will be replaced by the glitter of the stars. As a journalism student at the University of Minnesota - I am taking on an internship at an organic vegetable farm in southeast Minnesota. I will be working on their CSA newsletter, helping out with the planning of their Web site relaunch, and also fieldwork. I hope to gain a greater sense of appreciation for the seasons, learn how to grow vegetables, and get a behind-the-scenes view of local food production. Going from living in a building of 600 University students, to living in a cabin alone, I cannot anticipate what differences in lifestyle this summer will bring.

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